Houston, TX Mommy Makeover fixes loose abdominal skin, lax muscle, ptotic breast

Procedure Details

This is a mother of two in her 40's who was unhappy with loose crepey skin and an abdominal bulge after multiple pregnancies.  The areas would not respond to her consistent exercise routine. She was also tired of chronic neck pain, back pain and discomfort from bra strap grooving that she attributed to having large breasts. Her preop bra size was 36 DDD. She moved forward with an individualized "mommy makeover" that included bilateral breast reduction, full abdominoplasty with rectus muscle plication, and liposuction of the flanks. Removal of 338 grams from the larger left breast and 243 grams from the right breast delivered a more symmetric breast size; the patient reported her new final breast size was a full C cup. She was also happy with the skin tightening and improved definition of her abdominal muscles. Her tan lines show that her scars are well concealed under her swimwear.

FAQ: Mommy Makeover

What procedures are included in a "mommy makover?"

The term "mommy makeover" generally refers to a combination of procedures intended to reverse or correct postpartum changes caused by pregnancy or breastfeeding.  This usually includes a breast procedure (augmentation, lift, and/or reduction) and an abdominal rejuvenation procedure.  However, it should be tailored to the unique concerns of each patient.  At a consultation, Dr. Albright will listen to your concerns and goals to help you formulate a safe and completely individualized plan to deliver the outcome you are seeking.


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