Breast Reduction with Internal Bra Mastopexy Technique in The Woodlands, TX

Procedure Details

This is a pleasant woman in her 40's who came to me with complaints of shoulder pain, chronic headaches, neck pain, upper back pain, bra strap grooving, and chronic skin irritation under each breast. Her symptoms were unrelieved by conservative measures. She underwent a Wise pattern reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) with internal bra mastopexy. This included insertion of GalaShape 3D bioresorbable mesh as an "internal bra" for long-term support and maintenance of her breast lift. Breast tissue weight removed was 344 grams from the larger left breast and 230 grams from the right breast. She went from a 36 F cup to a D cup with significant improvement in her symptoms. Her final breast appearance and volume was also more symmetric than prior to surgery.

Internal bra mastopexy

Follow the link to learn more about the resorbable mesh material Dr. Albright used to provide long-term soft tissue support to maintain the lifted breast position:


Houston Methodist Hospital

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