DIEP Flaps replace Implants to treat Capsular Contracture after Radiation

Procedure Details

This woman in her mid-50s already had breast implant capsular contracture and breast asymmetry when she presented with a diagnosis of right breast cancer. She opted for breast conservation with a right lumpectomy to remove her breast cancer tumor. Oncoplastic surgery was performed with capsulectomy, implant replacement and mastopexy. She then completed right breast radiation therapy. Over a few years, she gradually developed recurrent capsular contracture and pain in the right breast. Given the radiation changes and contracture, removal of her implants and replacement with tissue flaps was offered. The patient underwent a bilateral DIEP flap procedure 3.5 years after her original lumpectomy. A ReSensation procedure was performed on the right. A short subsequent fat transfer procedure helped improve final breast shape and symmetry. The result? Soft, natural feeling breasts with relatively normal sensation and a flatter, tighter tummy.

Implant-Related Problems?

Dr. Albright treats a wide variety of conditions related to breast implants.  This includes secondary breast procedures on cosmetic breast augmentation patients and revision surgery for patients with implant-based breast reconstruction.  Indications for surgery may include: implant rupture, implant malposition, visible implant rippling, capsular contracture, breast asymmetry, animation deformity, implant-related chronic pain, and recurrent breast ptosis (sagging).  Procedures offered at Albright Plastic Surgery include: implant removal or replacement, capsulectomy (including "en bloc capsulectomy"), capsulorrhaphy, inframmary fold reconstruction, insertion of biologic or bioresorbable mesh products for tissue support, fat grafting/transfer, mastopexy, conversion of subpectoral to prepectoral implant pocket, and other revision techniques.  In short, a comprehensive list of breast revision procedures are available to treat your individual issues.  Schedule a consultation today - https://albrightplasticsurgery.com/contact-us



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