Bilateral DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction with ReSensation in The Woodlands, TX

Procedure Details

This delightful woman in her early 50's underwent bilateral skin-sparing mastectomy for right breast cancer. Microvascular bilateral breast reconstruction was performed with DIEP free flaps from the lower abdomen. A ReSensation procedure was performed to innervate both DIEP flaps with the goal of restoring some natural feeling to the reconstructed breasts. Revision was performed 3 months later with autologous fat grafting, nipple mound reconstruction and scar revision. The patient opted for 1 additional session of fat grafting to further enhance breast size and upper pole fullness. In-office nipple-areola tattooing completed her reconstruction. She recovered quickly after each procedure without any setbacks. The patient was thankful to have a flatter tummy and fuller breasts after beating breast cancer.


Houston Methodist Hospital

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