DIEP Flaps & ReSensation in The Woodlands, TX restores breasts after mastectomy

Procedure Details

This amazing woman in her late 40's faced a diagnosis of right breast cancer. She had already decided to have bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomies when she presented to Albright Plastic Surgery to discuss breast reconstruction options. After considering her options, the patient chose immediate tissue-based reconstruction with deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flaps. She also consented to ReSensation, a technique used to innervate the DIEP flaps, with the goal of restoring more natural sensation in her reconstructed breasts. The patient healed well after her mastectomies and immediate reconstruction. A revision procedure was performed 3.5 months later to improve reconstructed breast symmetry and shape. This included liposuction of the flanks to harvest fat grafts and fat transfer to augment breast volume. At 1 year after breast cancer surgery, her photos show fuller, more projecting breasts and a flatter tummy with fewer stretch marks. Remarkably, the patient reported the recovery of sensation to light touch in the center of both breasts. While there is no guarantee of breast sensation recovery with this procedure, this cancer survivor was thankful she had decided to have ReSensation performed with her DIEP flap reconstruction.


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