BRCA1 Prophylactic Mastectomy Recon with DIEP/SIEA Flaps in The Woodlands, TX

Procedure Details


Restoring Breast Sensation

The lower abdominal tissue flaps used to reconstruct the breasts, an SIEA flap and a DIEP flap in this case, were innervated (or neurotized).  This additional procedure is performed to increase the likelihood of restoring natural sensation to the reconstructed breasts.  While isolating the blood vessels that supply the flap, sensory nerves are also identified and tagged.  Once the tissue is moved to the breast pocket, the sensory nerves are connected to intercostal nerves that were cut during the mastectomy.  Sometimes the connection is a direct one between the flap nerve and the intercostal nerve.  Sometimes a nerve graft is used to provide length and bridge a gap.


Houston Methodist Hospital

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