The Woodlands, TX Breast Cancer Pt has Prepectoral Implant Recon with 3D Tattoo

Procedure Details


3D Nipple Tattoos

The most natural-appearing reconstructed breasts are usually achieved by the creation of a projecting nipple mound prior to tattooing.  However, rather than undergoing an additional procedure to rebuild a nipple mound using breast skin or flap tissue, some women opt to have a nipple tattooed as the final step of their breast reconstruction.  The most realistic results are usually delivered by 3D nipple tattooing techniques.  The tattoo artist may use multiple shades of pigment to create highlights and lowlights that give the illusion of a three-dimensional structure when viewed from the front.  A 3D nipple tattoo can look quite real from a distance but may be less convincing up close.


Houston Methodist Hospital

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