The Woodlands, TX Sagging Breasts Lifted - Oncoplastic Mastopexy after Lumpectom

Procedure Details

This is a patient with an enlarging left breast mass and indeterminate pathology on breast biopsy. Her breast surgeon recommended excisional biopsy with a lumpectomy and she was concerned that this would result in a visible contour deformity. The patient was referred to Albright Plastic Surgery to discuss oncoplastic surgery to minimize breast deformity and asymmetry. Her surgery was coordinated with the breast surgeon, and following her left lumpectomy, oncoplastic mastopexy was performed to lift the breasts, reduce the areola size, and correct breast asymmetry. Approximately 400 grams of tissue was removed from each breast while performing a Wise pattern mastopexy with an inferior pedicle technique. Given the patient's very large areolar diameter before surgery, a small amount of pigment could not be removed along the vertical breast scar. This could be revised in the office if desired. This patient was very happy with her surgical outcome and did not request any revisions.

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If you or a loved one are facing lumpectomy or partial mastectomy as surgical treatment for breast cancer or a symptomatic enlarging breast mass, oncoplastic surgery may be appropriate.  This approach can facilitate removal of additional breast tissue by the breast surgeon to achieve negative margin status.  It can also potentially deliver improved breast shape, symmetry, size and proportion.  Many women feel that their breasts are more ideally shaped and symmetric than they were before surgery.  You can request a referral from your breast surgeon to discuss these reconstructive options with Dr. Albright.  


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