Breast Lift for Oncoplastic Reconstruction after Lumpectomy in The Woodlands, TX

Procedure Details

This delightful woman in her 60's was diagnosed with left breast cancer. She preferred breast conservation therapy with partial mastectomy. Her breast surgeon referred her for oncoplastic reconstruction. Dr. Albright recommended local tissue rearrangement with a mastopexy and small reduction to deliver a symmetric breast outcome. Approximately 100-130 grams of tissue was removed from each breast. A Wise pattern technique with superior pedicle was used. After surgery, the patient completed chemotherapy and radiation treatments to the left breast. Her postoperative photos after recovering from radiation therapy reveal excellent symmetry and lifted breast position. The patient was very happy with her final outcome - cancer-free and a more youthful breast appearance.

Oncoplastic Surgery

Oncoplastic surgery refers to the practice of combining breast cancer tumor removal (lumpectomy or partial mastectomy) with plastic surgery techniques to immediately address the resulting tissue loss.  This approach can greatly improve the cosmetic outcome after breast cancer surgical treatment.  Tissue is rearranged within the breast to avoid potential deformity and breast asymmetry.  This is often achieved in the context of a breast lift (mastopexy) or breast reduction.  Dr. Albright is a strong proponent of this approach as it can offer cancer removal and complete reconstruction in one surgery, expediting the physical and emotional recovery from a breast cancer diagnosis.  Unfortunately, many women are not aware of these options.  You may ask your breast surgeon for a plastic surgery referral to discuss options for oncoplastic reconstruction prior to lumpectomy surgery.


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