The Woodlands, TX Breast Reduction and Removal of Axillary Breast Tissue

Procedure Details

This patient suffered from chronic neck pain, back pain and recurrent rashes due to large sagging breasts. Her preoperative bra size was a 42DDD cup. She also complained of fullness and tenderness near her right armpit. She was noted to have symptomatic right axillary accessory breast tissue. A bilateral reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) was performed with Wise pattern skin excision and superior medial pedicle technique. Tissue weight removed was 824 grams from the larger right breast and 606 grams from the left breast. An additional direct excision of the right axillary breast tissue was also performed. The patient healed very well with dramatic improvement in her pain symptoms and a more symmetric breast appearance.

Customized Breast Surgery

When it comes to breast procedures, one size certainly does not fit all.  Women seeking breast reduction or breast rejuvenation present with different body types, breast shapes, breast volumes, degrees of breast asymmetry and breast ptosis (drooping), and different goals.  One surgical approach applied to all of these unique presentations could not possibly deliver the desired outcome for every patient.  That explains why there are many different techniques described to achieve a breast lift or breast reduction.  Dr. Albright strongly believes in an individualized approach to breast surgery.  He employs multiple techniques to best address the unique findings and goals each patient presents. Some of the techniques employed include periareolar, Wise (anchor-type), circumvertical (lollipop-type) and no-vertical-scar mastopexy patterns; inferior, superior medial, and central pedicles; use of supportive bioresorbable or biologic mesh slings; and auto-augmentation and dermal imbrication techniques.  At Albright Plastic Surgery, the ultimate goal is to deliver customized, safe, and long-lasting results.


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