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About Oncoplastic Surgery

Patients who undergo a lumpectomy are often left with misshapen and deformed breasts where the lump was removed. The Woodlands and Houston, TX plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. S. Benjamin Albright is able to perform a lumpectomy reconstruction using oncoplastic surgical techniques. This operation typically takes place in conjunction with the lumpectomy, where Dr. Albright will rearrange and reshape the breast tissue and skin to create a fuller, more natural-looking shape. The nipple and areola can also be repositioned to match the new shape and present a uniformed look. Generally, both breasts will need to be altered in order for them to look symmetrical. Sometimes autologous fat grafting and injections can be used to fill out places that have become depressed or sunken in. At Albright Plastic Surgery, you will get the chance to discuss your procedure with Dr. Albright and determine the proper treatment method based on your needs.  

Ideal Candidates

If you are in need of a lumpectomy and are desiring to undergo a reconstructive operation, then an oncoplastic surgery may be right for you if:

  • You have deformities, depressions, or other breast irregularities
  • You are not in need of a full breast reconstruction
  • You have no objections to reshaping both breasts for a uniformed appearance

What to Expect

Your oncoplastic reconstruction surgery will take place at the same time as the lumpectomy procedure. After the tumor has been removed, Dr. Albright will then go in and re-contour the breast tissue, as well as reposition the nipple and areola to ensure that it is centered properly. He will work closely as needed with the general surgeon to spare as much of the original breast tissue as possible. The other breast will most likely need to be reshaped, reduced, or lifted to create a uniformed bustline that's symmetrical. Sometimes autologous fat grafting can also be used during this procedure to add more volume to the breast if the necessary amount of tissue cannot be preserved. 


An oncoplastic lumpectomy reconstruction can sometimes be performed as an outpatient procedure, or it may require you to stay overnight in the hospital. Once released with your aftercare instructions, it will usually take around two weeks before you can return back to work and normal social activities. Strenuous activities such as exercise should be avoided for at least six weeks. 

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A Uniformed Bustline

If you want your bustline to maintain its previous uniformity and aesthetic appeal after receiving your lumpectomy, then we invite you to consider having an oncoplastic reconstructive surgery at the same time. Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon can take special care to reshape your breasts and preserve their symmetry. Give our office a call today to learn more. 

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